Never Share Your Plans!

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Are you in a habit of telling people your plans?

Stop it!

Here is why you should stop sharing your plans:

1. Once you have told your plan, your subconsciousness believes that it’s already done. The drive and desire are gone.

2. Your desire to share your plans with people could be a sign that you are seeking approval, support, and help. The levels of your confidence, self-assurance, and self-reliance are not where they should be. You don’t need anyone’s approval or permission. Don’t count on anyone – that makes you weak and vulnerable to other people’s influence and manipulations.
3. You are dispersing the energy of the initial desire (that is what fuels you to achieve goals), and there may be not enough of it left for you to achieve your goal.

4. Even the closest and most loving friends may start sabotaging you and make you doubt yourself. They may not ever admit it or even realize they are doing it. It’s due to envy, fear of losing you now that your goals and interests may change, fear of losing your attention and support when it comes to solving their problems, the pain of the thought that they are maybe falling behind in life in comparison to you.

Do your own thing.
Keep your mouth shut.
Stay focused.

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