Staying on the target

Importance of Staying Focused

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It’s very important to stay focused, especially when starting a new project or business. Switching from one activity to another takes more brainpower. Your mind needs time to refocus. Give yourself time to build a new skill and set a new system, then switching from one activity to another will be easy.

The Question of Multitasking

While multitasking praised by many, it is well known fact that running a few tasks simultaneously not only decreases productivity and quality,  but it may cause anxiety, tension, and other health problems.

Women are considered to be natural multitask masters. I have to disagree. Women are just left no choice but take care of everyone and everything in their household. It’s usually the women are primary caregivers for children, elder parents, and spouses. The entire household is on their shoulders. All that equals a few full-time jobs, but many women also have “real” jobs, and sometimes, it’s more than one. It’s no surprise that men often can achieve higher success level in their careers. Men can devote their entire focus to career only, while women have so much more that demands their attention.

Staying focused will increase productivity

It’s hard to grow anything when your attention is scattered. For me too, even though I ran so many different businesses. Whenever I start a new venture, I focus on building just that for at least a couple of months. My whole energy, my whole mental strength is dedicated to just that. That makes me more productive.

Imagine, if you need to do some writing, but you have only one hour. Next hour, you have to run a yoga class. Next hour, you have to do something else. Your brain doesn’t have enough time to refocus, to switch into another mode.

Once you have devoted enough time to one task and completed it, and maybe got tired from it, switching to another activity can be very helpful.

But if you have not completed the task, it’s still running in your head, not allowing you to fully focus on whatever else you are doing now. It’s sucking up your energy and making you tired. By the end of the day, you may have exhausted yourself by doing so many different things but you did not really accomplish anything. There is a huge difference between doing and actually have it done.

Stay focused, my friends!

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