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Become a badass you are meant to be!

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Guzalia Davis. I am a hypnotist and a coach and I help people to awaken the warrior within. I truly believe that all of us are meant to be confident, assertive, powerful, and unstoppable… but sometimes, our inner warrior with this limitless potential simply hasn’t been awakened yet.

Still not sure if you are in the right place? Keep reading and see if you can recognize yourself.

Guzalia Davis

Are you too nice? How is it working out for you? Are you that person that is nice to everyone no matter what and loves everyone no matter what?

People know how nice you are. You are always surrounded by people. You are that sunshine that everyone needs. Your phone rings non-stop even in the middle of the night. Your home is always full of visitors. With exception of when YOU need help or when YOU are sick, then your phone is quiet, and no one wanted to visit you.

Are you still making excuses for people that turned their back on you when YOU needed help the most? Next time they’d come around for something, you will give it to them because you are that nice person that loves everyone no matter what. You’ll swallow your hurt feelings and pretend that everything is fine and will proceed with what you always do – pleasing people.

Since you are here now, I am assuming that you have realized that you cannot out-nice people, you cannot continuously give without getting anything back, and you no longer can be walked over and taken advantage of. Are you ready to leave that part of your life behind?

It’s okay not to be nice to people that treat you badly. Being nice is not a virtue. Being nice to bad people breeds more bad people. So, why are you taking part in making this world worse than it already is?

Norse God Odin said:

“Don”t reward evil people with your kindness. If you do, all you’ll have left is evil for when it’s time to reward people that are kind to you. How will you repay for their kindness then?”

My goal is to inspire you to do better for yourself, to choose yourself, to stand up for yourself. It is my desire to support your amazing transformation and see just how much more powerful you can become.