Fear and Anger

Fear and Anger

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People say that the opposite of love is fear.  If you have someone holding a gun to your head and fear for your life, is it because you don’t have enough love in your heart at that moment? Fear has nothing to do with love. Fear is a natural response to danger.

Some people that anger is the absence of love. I disagree.

You can be full of love and still experience both – fear and anger. Both are prime core natural emotions that evolved as a way of surviving and protecting yourself from what is considered a danger, threat, or wrong-doing. Anger is a normal response to abnormal treatment. If you keep experiencing anger, it means that you haven’t defeated or resolved the source of danger, threat, or pain. Of course, there are extreme cases, but those people probably have other problems too, not just with anger.

There are only two reactions to a danger: fear or anger. In both cases, the body is flooded with a hormonal cocktail that is specific to the person’s nature/character.
Both reactions are observable in appearance. Fear lowers blood pressure which causes a pale face. Anger raises blood pressure resulting in a red face.
Observe people in uncomfortable situations, their initial reaction, and the actions afterward. The actions and behavior can be controlled but the reaction of the body cannot. True character reveals itself in both, reaction and actions.
A pale face signals that this person may not be capable of standing up for themself and they may need your help and protection. People with predominant benefic Mars in their birth chart are naturally very good at spotting out the weak ones. On a very deep unconscious level, they are driven by a need to protect the weaker ones. (Mars in Aries, Leo, 1st, and 12th houses)
A pale face is also a sign that you cannot count on that person, you cannot trust them, you cannot rely on them in crisis. It takes bravery to stand for the right thing, and these people do not have it.
Ladies, do not let a man like that into your life, or you will have to become the man in that relationship. You will have to become a breadwinner. You will be the one to solve all the problems while he hides behind your back. These men also tend to be very low in testosterone. Worthless as lovers and generally in the household. (am I being too harsh again?)
To harmonize Mars’s energy:
  • sports
  • fire breath
  • cooking
  • red meat
  • fiery (hot) spices
  • red color
  • red coral (pendant, necklace, or ring on the ring finger)
  • behavioral modifications to boost testosterone and dopamine

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