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Envy is an emotion that occurs when a person lacks another’s superior quality, achievement, or possession.

Aristotle defined envy as pain at the sight of another’s good fortune, stirred by “those who have what we ought to have”.

Researchers found that feelings of envy light up parts of the brain active in pain processing. Yes, envious people experience physical pain and bodily illness. The more envy, the more vigorously flared the pain nodes in the brain’s dorsal anterior cingulate cortex and related areas. Researchers found a neural pathway in the brains of envious people connecting envy and taking pleasure in other’s pain and misfortunes. That should tell you a lot about the character of those people.

Envious people are empty inside, they do not have anything to give, not capable of creating or achieving anything. It’s parasites. They are always hungry for what others have. Whenever someone envies you, they latch on you energetically like vampires, which forms an energetic cord like a hose for the energy to flow. Because their own energy is of such a low frequency, they are only able to take in similar energies. They will “suck” the worst parts of your life experiences: your illnesses and troubles. In Ancient Scriptures, it is said that one that envies you “eats” your bad Karma. No surprise that envy is often described as bitterness, and envious people often suffer from digestive problems.

How do you spot them?

– They are unable of celebrating anyone’s success. Your achievements and success physically hurt them. They will always try to find a way to diminish your achievements. They make ironic comments. They will say that it’s not you that earned your good fortune, it was somebody else that help you or you just got lucky. The better you do the worst they treat you.

– They love to hear about your troubles. Not because they care but because they experience physical pleasure in other’s pain and suffering. The neural network is wired this way in their brain. (Could that be genetic?)

– They always want what’s yours. They’ll comment on your dress or car or whatever: “I want that too… Where did you get that?” They ask to borrow your things (they hate to return them though).

– Envious people try to sabotage you, cause you losses, make you look bad, and destroy your reputation. Can be in subtle or/and obvious ways.

Those are no strangers to you. People don’t usually envy those that are out of their reach. This is family members, classmates, friends, colleagues… The envious people think that if we have the same background, live in the same place, have the same education, of the same blood… we should be able to have or achieve the same things. If you are done better, you automatically become the target for their envy.

Stick with people that celebrate you and your successes. Let the envious ones cleanse your Karma aka eat your sh#t. Perhaps, this is their Karma.

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